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Criteria of selection of the appropriate species from the more than 1200 known bamboo species:

  • Availability
  • Physical characteristics
  • Mechanical properties
  • Requirement

Species selected : Pseudo-Oxytenantherastocksii (Dendrocalamusstocksii)

Availability : Local species, endemic to Western Ghats, largely cultivated in the Northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra Easy Availability.

Physical characteristics : Straight growing bamboo, easy to harvest, right diameter for our applications.

Mechanical properties : Strong bamboo, solid below, small cavity above, ideal for vehicle preparation.

  • Basic density (gm/Cm3) : Average:-0.7 (Range: 0.61-0.83)
  • Modules of Rupture (Kg/Cm2): Average: 620 (Range210-900)
  • Modules of elasticity (1000 kg/Cm2): Average: 986

Requirement : Seasoning treatment to enhance longer life and reduce water content for lower weight.