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Vijay Crishna, Executive Director (Lawkim Motors Group, a division of Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co Ltd) was travelling to Antarctica when he happened upon a bamboo bicycles that had been ridden the entire length of North and South America. He was so inspired by the strength, agility and design of the bike that he thought of making these sustainable bicycles back in India.

In early 2014, Godrej invited designer Craig Calfee from California to design this sustainable product through a special 14-day Workshop. Each of our Bamboo bicycles are beautifully hand-crafted, and each frame is "one of a kind"! We have a carefully laid out process to identify suitable bamboo stems, select these to use on our frames, treat them appropriately to protect them from insects and the environment - and only then do we construct the frame. The entire capability has been developed in-house at our factory located outside Pune, with the know-how developed by our friend Craig Calfee.

Bamboo has a greater tensile strength (or resistance to be pulled apart) than steel and it withstands compression better than concrete. The Chinese have a saying attributed to Confucius "The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm." The Bamboo's ability to bend is its strength! We selected a special bamboo species called Pseudo-Oxytenanthera Stocksii which grows near our factory site and is ideally suited for building bamboo frame bicycles. No two bamboo stalks grow the same way, this means every single bamboo bicycle is unique. You will end up with a very special, organic and aesthetic frame that is unique to your bicycle!

Two youngsters rode the bikes from Kanyakumari which is the southernmost tip of peninsular India to Khardung-La pass, that is the world's highest motor able pass in North India, a gruelling 4400 kms test ride which it withstood with ease!


  • Tested as per ISO 4210 standards at R&D centre for Bicycle & Sewing , Ludhiana India

  • Won "Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award" for the year 2014 by Institute of Directors, New Delhi - India

  • Certificate of Recognition awarded for The solar powered, pedal-assisted Bamboo Cycle Rickshaw - at the IMC Inclusive Innovation Awards 2013.